Palms Casino Resort's Acquisition Campaign Exceeds Palms' Ambitious
CPA Goals

Rubicon Project drives booking revenue that is 13% higher than the hotel's average.
  • #1

    performer out of 6
    display media partners

  • 60%

    Bookings from
    acquisition campaign

  • 40%

    Conversions within
    2 hours

Internationally recognized for its exceptional accommodations, high-energy clubs, extravagant pools and world-renowned restaurants, Palms Casino Resort (‘Palms’) captures all the excitement and energy of Las Vegas in one vibrant setting.
Situated on nearly 30 acres, Palms’ property has three distinct towers – each offering unparalleled views of the Las Vegas Strip and Spring Mountains. Palms has recently undergone a multi-million dollar transformation.

The Objective

More "Heads in Beds" & "Butts in Seats"

Palms wanted to start conversations with vacationers the minute they showed interest in traveling to Las Vegas. The goal was to keep the resort top of mind as travelers planned their trips.

Once travelers displayed that interest, Palms' marketing team ran display, mobile, social & video advertising to target those travelers.

The company set an ambitious CPA goal, and invited six display media partners to execute campaigns on their behalf.

Our Solution

Combine the Power of Intent Data and Display

The challenge of the campaign was to reach and engage prospects early in their decision-making process. To reach prospects higher up in the sales funnel, Rubicon Project created a national acquisition campaign that focused on brand, competitor, lifestyle (golf, live shows, casino) and travel intent signals. Palms displayed aggressive room rates in its ads, which were delivered in contextually relevant sites to capture travelers' attention as they not only browsed for hotels, but also had the time to complete a booking.

Day-parting and peak engagement hours informed campaign criteria, such as adjusted bid price and frequency caps, to ensure the most efficient buying and engagement costs.

The Results

Rubicon Project exceeded Palms' ambitious CPA goals, and booking revenue driven by Rubicon Project was 13% higher than the hotel's average.

"Who doesn’t want to hit the right person at exactly the right time while spending your limited budget efficiently? That’s exactly what Rubicon Project did for us"
Robyn Phelan,
Senior Marketing Manager,
Palms Casino Resort
In addition to great performance, the campaign delivered critical insights, including:
  1. While typical online shopping drops off after dinner, Rubicon Project's platform identified that nearly 25% of bookings for Palms occur between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM, and adjusted impression delivery and spend to immediately capture consumers who showed travel intent in that timeframe.

  2. 65% of users made a reservation at Palms within a day of indicating intent to travel to Las Vegas.

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