Creating a healthy programmatic video habit with 70% completed views!

Nicotinell partnered with Rubicon Project to find tough-to-reach UK audiences with video ad campaigns. Despite an incredibly aggressive set of goals, Rubicon Project delivered the highest video completion rate, the lowest cost-per-completed video (CPCV), and provided deep understanding of our audience.
  • #1

    Programmatic vendor for completed views

  • 68%

    of respondents view 100% of campaign video

  • 2.6mm

    unique users reached

Nicotinell looks and smells like a delightful piece of
(sugar free) chewing gum, but it’s actually a life-changing nicotine replacement therapy. The premise is simple: whenever a smoker gets the urge to light up, the gum delivers a rush of nicotine that quickly satisfies those cravings. Though all smokers know cigarettes are bad for their health, Nicotinell wanted a fun and innovative message for its campaign. That’s why the brand chose the theme: “Because Great Things Can Happen When You Sacrifice a Cigarette,” which emphasized all of the cool things that smokers can do in the six minutes they would have spent consuming a single cigarette.

The Objective

Clear the smoke of
product confusion

Though awareness of nicotine replacement therapy is high, few of the UK’s 10 million smokers can distinguish one product from the other. Norvatis wanted to set its brand, Nicotinell, apart by creating memorable online brand experiences for smokers.

The brand story would be told through a series of three videos (Robin, Action Figure, Moon) shown sequentially. At the end of each video, viewers would arrive at a campaign-landing page to learn more about Nicotinell and get started on the road to a smoke-free life.

Our Solution

Live Intent Data Strikes
a Match

Starcom Mediavest, Nicotinell’s agency, approached Rubicon Project for a solution. Rubicon Project explained why a programmatic approach is perfect for tough scenarios like Nicotinell’s. Programmatic tests, measures and iterates based on responses – a strategy that can serve as a starting point for targeting.

Additionally, Rubicon Project’s proprietary live intent, browsing and Universal Live Profile data could shed insight into the online behaviors of likely smokers. Rubicon Project would deploy a mix of demographic and live intent tactics to ensure the highest engagement rates amongst likely smokers.

Moreover, by examining the characteristics of converters (i.e. people who viewed the videos) Rubicon Project could create lookalike models, and target other consumers who looked just like them at scale.

Starcom Mediavest invited Rubicon Project into the media plan.

The Results

#1 Programmatic Vendor for Completed Views

Despite the tough brief and lack of presence on YouTube, Rubicon Project delivered more completed video views than any other vendor on the plan.

"As a relative newcomer to the market, Rubicon Project worked hard to convince me of their ability to execute a strategic brand campaign programmatically. Despite the tough planning parameters around targeting and reach, media channels and frequency, their part of the campaign achieved the best result against our key performance metric of completed video views while still providing strong service.”
Catherine Smith,
Activation Manager
from Starcom Mediavest
In addition to great performance, the campaign delivered critical insights.
  1. Respondents are more likely to got to bars and nightclubs. They're more inclined to buy liquor and show an interest in European football.

  2. Additionally, the high prevalence of responders who have children suggest a life-stage in which smoking cessation is really necessary.

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