LEGO®’s $5 CPA on Facebook Exchange

LEGO® Brand Retail partnered with Rubicon Project to become one of the first major brands to market through Facebook Exchange (FBX) News Feed ads. The results? They achieved a $5 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and exceeded all goals on order size.
  • $5


    (Cost Per Action)

  • 65%

    conversions in the first 5 days

  • 1000+

    photo views, comments, shares and likes

For over half a century, LEGO bricks have sparked the imagination of children (and more than a few grown-ups) around the world. These timeless toys have made LEGO an iconic brand and a household name. In the process, the LEGO Group has become the most valuable toy company in the world.
But LEGO isn’t just an inventive toy company. They’re also a forward-thinking marketing organization that understands the need for innovation. By partnering with Rubicon Project, they built a sophisticated FBX marketing strategy with a clear mission—to find new consumers.

The Objective

More Bricks for Everyone

LEGO® Brand Retail became an early tester on Facebook News Feed with the main goal of learning whether FBX could help them attract new consumers. The company also wanted to discover how FBX ads influence consumers once they leave their personal newsfeed within Facebook.

Our Solution

The power of intent
data meets FBX

Rubicon Project built an acquisition campaign (using their own pool of proprietary intent data) to target Facebook users who were most likely to become LEGO® customers. Two campaigns were run at the same time: one as a Right-Hand Side Ad and one within the News Feed. Rubicon Project’s optimization teams played a critical role in finding highly qualified consumers while eliminating wasted impressions.

The Results

CPA goals achieved. Order values exceeded. LEGO® faces smiling.

LEGO Brand Retail hit a $5 CPA goal with an average order value far beyond initial expectations. Each campaign was an important piece to achieving such positive results. While the Right Hand-Side units produced the strongest ROAS, News Feed units produced the most post-click conversions.

After the FBX campaign ran, Rubicon Project discovered some additional insights:
  1. Targeting highly qualified consumers with a strong intent to purchase leads to quick audience responses.

    Two thirds of the conversions took place within just five days of a customer seeing the last LEGO ad. Over half (58%) placed orders in the first 24-48 hours.

  2. Targeting only highly qualified prospects within the FBX inventory is efficient.

    More than 80% of all converting consumers saw a LEGO ad three times or less before converting.

  3. The campaign didn’t just motivate consumers, it also engaged them.

    Thousands of comments, photo views and likes were generated in the first four weeks of the campaign.

Need proof? Here's our case study! It's like a marriage license for our commitment to results.
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