Audience messaged on desktop and mobile converted at 20% higher rate compared to those messaged on a single device

Highlights for Children partnered with Rubicon Project to reach target audiences across desktop and mobile devices to drive acquisition of new customers. By leveraging its robust intent data, Rubicon Project identified the target audience on desktop and messaged them on both desktop and mobile by leveraging Facebook Custom Audiences to do the device mapping.
  • 20%

    Boost in desktop
    conversion ratio

  • 3:7

    Same to
    cross-device conversion ratio on mobile campaign

  • 0.69%

    Mobile campaign CTR

Highlights has been selling kids magazines for generations and now offers digital versions to its young audience. It is a monthly publication that is filled with hidden pictures,
projects, interactive entertainment and other fun features designed to encourage children to learn, play and just be
a kid.

The Objective

Cross-device customer

Through the cross-device acquisition campaign, Highlights wanted to reach parents and drive them to purchase magazine subscriptions. One of the key objectives of the campaign was to gain insights into how consumers engage with ads on multiple devices. Knowing that over 25% of the site visitors are coming from mobile devices (and growing), Highlights wanted to reach the target audience on mobile and measure the impact of those mobile ads.

Our Solution

To address this challenge, Rubicon Project applied Facebook Cross-Device solution.

Rubicon Project identified the intended audience by leveraging its vast resource of intent data on desktop, and extended that targeting to mobile devices with significant reach by using Facebook data to identify the same audience. Rubicon Project was then able to message the target audience universally across mobile devices.

Once the audience had been mapped and messaged, Rubicon Project reported on cross-device conversions, which illustrated which device was used to reach the audience versus which one was used for conversion.

In addition to driving mobile traffic and cross-device conversions, the campaign also resulted in over 1,500 social interactions with the Highlights brand assets and over 2,600 clicks to the mobile website.

The Results


Boost in desktop conversion ratio

By adding Facebook Cross Device to their desktop campaign, Highlights observed a 20% conversion rate increase (calculated as desktop conversions per messaged individuals), compared to the audience who were messaged on desktop only.


Mobile campaign CTR

Despite driving most of the conversions through desktop, by leveraging a cross device strategy, Highlights managed to drive mobile website engagement at a rate of .69% CTR.


Social interactions at 0.62% per messaged individual

By leveraging Facebook Inventory to reach the audience on mobile, Highlights also benefited from a large number of social interactions on their creative and the Highlights Facebook page.

“I see tremendous value in this solution, as it reaches my target audience on multiple devices and how they convert across devices, reliably.”
AJ Bloom,
Senior Digital Marketing Associate
at Highlights for Children
After the campaign ran, we discovered
additional insights:

Same device to cross-device conversion ratio varies significantly among devices. The ratio illustrates that people who saw an iPhone impression were more likely to convert on a non-iPhone device and those who saw an iPad impression were more likely to convert on their iPad.

  1. 77% of conversions resulting from iPhone impressions were on a different (non-iPhone) device

  2. In contrast, 74% of iPad conversions occurred on the same device

  3. All conversions resulting from messaged Android owners were on non-Android devices

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